Sharing our African wildlife heritage ethically and with integrity

Company Profile

The export of African Game Species

WAI is a multifaceted South African based company dealing with all aspects of the procurement, preparation, translocation and care of wildlife species.

Our primary focus is on the export of African wildlife species from South Africa to approved international destinations.

We aim to promote biodiversity while fulfilling our conservation and education objectives, ethically, professionally and with integrity, at all times keeping the welfare of the animals in our care our first priority.

Our professional team has been involved in projects regionally, nationally and internationally giving them a wealth of experience across the globe.

Quarantine Facilities

At our Quarantine Station we have world class State approved facilities that have been custom built, taking into account the specific needs of each species to be accommodated. We have dedicated facilities for large herbivores (elephant, rhino, hippo and buffalo), giraffe and antelope species, as well as carnivores.

The WAI Quarantine facility is State licensed for the export and import quarantine of wildlife species. Wildlife Assignments International has an excellent relationship with the South African Nature Conservation Authorities as well as with the State Veterinary Department. This ensures an integrated, seamless and efficient process with regards to permits, export licenses, protocols and veterinary health certificates.

WAI specializes in…

  • Export of African Wildlife
  • Export of Domestic Species
  • Import of Wildlife
  • Boma Facilities
  • Research Opportunities
  • Professional Grooms and Attendants
  • Safari and Game Park design and Consultation
  • In-situ Project Identification, Facilitation and Collaboration
  • Repatriation and Retirement of ageing zoo animals